My Tonka Truck

Every boy has to have a Tonka truck and Mommy and Daddy finally bought me my first one! It is the coolest toy I own! I can push it, ride it, and chew on it. It has these little blocks that it sweeps up underneath with prickly green brushes. Even the steering wheel has a mirror, key, blinker, and gear shifter. The only bummer is that the steering wheel doesn’t actually turn the wheels so I can only go straight unless Mommy or Daddy turn me. This is the life!

Hey, did you see Mommy and me in the Sunday edition of the local newspaper? A little picture on the front page of the paper and two big pictures on the front page of the ‘living section’. Now when we go places people ask if they saw us in the paper and Mommy answers yes for us because I can’t talk to strangers.

Until next time . . .

One thought on “My Tonka Truck

  1. Hey Bud, I hope mommy got a few copies of the “local paper” for those of us who don’t get it. Can you say “hemi”, I’m sure your daddy wouldn’t buy you a truck without one. Later, love ya Grandma

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