Goin’ to the State Fair

Hi everyone,
As you can see by my photo documentation the day started out rainy. Not only was it raining but by the time we actually got to the fair it was coming down in buckets! It’s a good thing Mommy and Daddy have lived in this rainy state for so long because they came prepared. We had raincoats, umbrellas, changes of shoes and socks. I tell you, you never can tell what you’re going to need when you’re spending all day at the fair.
I got to see some of the farm animals that are in the books I read. They really do feel like the fur in the touch and feel book. Mommy and Daddy bought me my first John Deere tractor that plays Old MacDonald (my favorite song) and pulls animals along behind it. I didn’t get to go on any rides, though. I guess you have to be at least 2 years old, so I won’t even be able to next year. We had corndogs, BBQ, scones, elephant ears, hamburgers and fries . . . what am I saying, I didn’t get to eat any of that. Mommy and Daddy ate it right in front of me while I had to eat healthy fruits, vegetables, chicken, and grains. I betcha my tummy feels better than theirs does!
Until next time . . .

One thought on “Goin’ to the State Fair

  1. Issac,You seem to be growing bigger every picture I see of you. You better be running by the time me and your Aunt Shireen come to see you in November. Hope that your Mom & Dad are treat my nephew with loving care.God Bless you,Uncle Gerg

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