Trick or Treat

Hi everyone,
I finally got to carve my pumpkin! Mine is the biggest one toward the back. I decided to go with a traditional face for my first carving. I have to admit it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be like. The gooey guts were so cold that my little hands were freezing by the time I was done. Next year I am going to ask Mommy and Daddy to bring it inside a few days before so it has a chance to warm up. It was still a fun night . . . although . . . I did overhear Mommy and Daddy talking about making caramel apples after I went to bed. No fair! I have two more teeth on top now and I could easily bite into a sticky apple.
Before I go I want to point out that Mommy’s pumpkin has a horrified look on its face because I have a double fist of candy. I just want to reassure her pumpkin that I couldn’t seem to get the candy out of the plastic it comes in so all is safe with my new teeth.
Until next time . . .

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