Fishy Face

Hi everyone,

Mommy took this picture of me about a month ago when I was making fish faces all the time. I guess she didn’t post it earlier because she was trying to get a better shot of me squishing my lips but I’ve decided I’m done with that face for awhile. The name of the game is to learn something, master it, and move on. Who wants to keep doing the same old stuff when there are new horizons to explore!

I’m not walking on my own yet but I love to cruise around on the furniture and with my tonka truck. I tell you though, being able to move isn’t all it’s cracked up to be . . . or maybe it is because I keep on getting bangs and bruises from little tumbles I take on my unsteady legs. My latest was a fat lip just last night. I tried to tell Mommy but I guess she couldn’t see it until it got all puffy because she sure took a long time to give me a cold teething toy to suck on. That sure made it feel better.

I’ll try to stay in one piece until next time . . .


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