King of the Dishwasher

Hi everyone,

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted but it has been busy around here. Between Thanksgiving, family visiting, trips to the big city, half marathons, Mommy getting the stomach flu, Daddy’s back hurting again, birthday parties, and one year pictures I can’t seem to find time to post a new message.

Yes, I know, documentation of me climbing again. I try to do it just about anywhere I can and as you can see in the pictures above, no place is safe. I hopped up there before Mommy could even turn around from putting a few dishes away. She put me down but of course I hopped right back up there, again, and again, and again. Now she’s learned to do the dishes when I’m sitting in my high chair eating or when I’m asleep!

I hear there is a big day coming for someone I know so you’ll have to check back again very soon so I can tell you who it is (I have my own guess). Until next time . . .

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