My Pet Dragon

Hi everyone,
Mommy got me a pet dragon for Christmas and boy, they sure do need to go for a lot of walks. I guess it’s good that I’m walking now so I can be a responsible pet owner. It sure seems like dragons are a lot easier to take care of than dogs; you don’t have to clean up after them and they really don’t eat much. I guess I’ll have to see if that changes if he gets any bigger.

Mommy and Daddy wanted me to tell you that I’m still having trouble with dairy. I tried soy yogurt for the first time a few days ago and it seems to be agreeing with me. I’m excited because it was yummy! Mommy was excited because it means I’m closer to eating all types of foods. Other than dairy and nuts I can eat anything. I had eggs, bacon, and a biscuit for breakfast the other day. Mommy says I have a hollow leg but I’ve told her I couldn’t walk as well as I do if it was hollow.

Until next time . . .


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