Throwing Up is Hard to Do

Hi everyone,

I know the saying usually says that growing up is hard to do, but I thought I’d change the words slightly in honor of having my first stomach flu virus. Yuck! I will be happy to never have to go through that again in my lifetime. If only I could be so lucky.

I decided to post a picture that has nothing to do with the title of this blog to spare you the gross details. The other day I was experimenting with new ways to drive my tonka truck. You know, the steering wheel really is in a better location when the truck is turned on its end.

Until next time . . .

One thought on “Throwing Up is Hard to Do

  1. Hey Bud, you get cuter and cuter everyday. You can tell you are one happy camper!!! I probably see you more than anyone else and I don’t ever get tired of seeing you. I check the blogspot every day or two. You definitely are one gifted young man. I know you get it from your mommy and daddy!!! Great role models!! I love you kiddo…Grandma

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