So Many Books, So Little Time

Hi everyone,

In case you couldn’t tell from my pictures, I am really into books right now. In the house, in the car, in my jammies, in my clothes, in Daddy’s lap, on the floor; it doesn’t matter when, where, or how, just that I have a book to read. I actually have more desire to read a book than to play with my trucks, cars, and other toys. Mommy seems to be excited about that. You would think that it meant I was going to be a genius or something, but I’m sure all little kids go through a stage where they can’t get enough pictures and words.

This last weekend I decided to try going to one nap a day and it seems to be working out for me. Daddy thought I should still be sleeping in the morning and afternoon but Mommy reminded him that it’s time for me to grow up and this is just a natural part of life. I would have reassured him of that too if I had been awake at the time but I happened to be taking my nap just then.

Until next time . . .

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