A, B, C . . . CRASH!

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted an entry but we’ve been busy around here. A few weeks ago Mommy was sick with the stomach flu, all week long! It was yucky. Daddy had to come home from work a few days just to take care of us. And this last week the weather has been so nice that we have been getting out a lot for walks, jogs, and bike rides. It sure has been nice to have warm, sunny days for a change.

I decided to show you a picture of my new blocks. I finally decided to get some with my great-grandma’s Christmas money. I love knocking them over after Mommy and Daddy have built them into a really tall tower! Mommy and Daddy also say that I have been talking a lot more since I’ve started playing with my blocks. I’m just so excited because there are so many colors, numbers, letters, and animals on them that I have to keep up a steady stream of conversation explaining all that I see. I know they do it too because I’m a good listener!

Until next time . . .

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