Welcome Spring!

Hi everyone,

Today was a day full of outdoor adventure! Mommy, Daddy, and I woke up early this morning and went to a neighboring waterfront town for a run. Well, Mommy was really the only one running. Daddy pulled me in the bike trailer where I fell asleep for about 45 minutes of the hour ride, a little unscheduled morning nap. Good thing too because it started raining pretty hard about halfway through our trip. After going out to breakfast we headed home for another nap and when we woke up the sun was bright and shining. We bundled up and all three went out for a bike ride across the river. I am worn out and ready to hit the hay.

I know my pictures don’t show bike rides and running but I wanted to show you some of my other toys. I like taking my pet alligator for walks but he is harder to keep an eye on than my dragon because he likes to walk behind me. I also like to put things in the texture box that Mommy and Daddy made me and I found a new item, ME!

Until next time . . .


One thought on “Welcome Spring!

  1. Isaac is such a smiley little guy and adorable. I can’t run this Monday on March 4 because I have a dentist appt at 4:00. New news at Madison-now Lori Stiles might take a one year leave to teach in Alaska. Are you sure you don’t want to come back next year????????

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