Vacation Adventures

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been so long but I have been a little bit busy. Daddy had last week off so we were trying to enjoy our time together by getting out and about. Fuel is a little more expensive than I get for my allowance (which is non-existent at this age) so we had to stick around the area for our “vacation”. On one of the days we took the ferry over to a little island nearby and we biked around the island and had a snack at the general store. We would have eaten dinner there but Mommy and Daddy didn’t do as much pre-planning as they thought. They parked the truck and unloaded the bikes barely making the afternoon ferry we were trying to catch. When we got over there they realized that they had left my diapers and wipes in the truck, and yes, of course before we even started I needed to be changed. Come on, I’m not potty trained yet. Do you know how expensive a little pack of diapers and wipes are when you aren’t buying in bulk? So, most of our food money that Mommy brought went to buying those, some crackers, and a map of the island. Then Daddy realized that he had money in his wallet but he had left that in the truck too. We ended up having dinner on the mainland on our way back home. It was actually really fun, all except the part where Mommy and Daddy pinched my little chin in the clasp of my bike helmet. No wonder kids don’t want to wear those things!

Stay tuned for more vacation adventures, until next time . . .

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