Lions and Tigers and Eggs, Oh My!

Hi everyone,

We wrapped up our vacation adventures by going to the zoo for the first time! I was surprised that the day we picked to go they were having Easter egg hunts. Of course, my age group was just for fun. I guess they agree with Mommy and Daddy that kids my age probably shouldn’t have candy. Some of the animals got Easter baskets though and we got to see them discovering what was in it.

I spent the whole day at the zoo gliding around in my stroller staring at strange looking animals that I’ve only seen in books. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of me with the animals, but I couldn’t get as close to most of them as I wanted and the ones that were close were separated from me by thick glass. It was a fun day, but long. I didn’t take a nap at all and I was really tired when we got home.

Until next time . . .


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