Smile for the Camera

Hi everyone,

I have finally discovered the camera. I used to always wonder why Mommy and Daddy pointed it at me and then there was a bright light, but now I know it takes my picture. Mommy took one of me and then showed it to me on the little screen. And as you can see from my photo, I now know to smile when they are taking a picture of me.

I also have a little table and chairs that are just for me. Of course, as you can see from the picture I prefer to sit on my toy basket because it is just the right height. The chairs are better for standing on! In fact, the first thing I did when Daddy brought up my table and chairs was to stand on it. I am kind of tired of hearing, “Sit on your bottom” when I try to climb on my chair. They should know it is more fun to use them that way. Either that or tipping it over on its side and crawling all around it. I guess Mommy and Daddy haven’t read yet that there is no wrong way to play with a toy.

Until next time . . .

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