More Firsts

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d show you a few pictures of some more of my “firsts”. I built my first block tower all by myself and then had fun knocking it over. I got my first horseback ride from Mommy, but the same day she was able to capture me riding on Daddy’s back. I know how to climb up now and I hold on tight because my Daddy horse tosses me all over the place! I know the spaghetti isn’t really my first time eating spaghetti but I thought I’d include it because I don’t know if I have ever been any more orange. That was a good lunch! And, finally, a first that shows one of my new skills . . . climbing!! I now can climb furniture, chairs, stepladders, stairs, garden blocks, etc., etc., etc. and usually I am supervised by Mommy or Daddy but sometimes I sneak in a climb when they aren’t looking.

Until next time . . .


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