18 Months and Counting

Hi everyone,

Can you believe it is June already? These past few months have flown by and I can’t believe that I am already 18 months old. Crazy! I went to the doctor yesterday for my check up and got a clean bill of health. Well, kind of. I have to go back in a few weeks for another vaccine and to check my ears. I’m kinda hoping that the little bit of fluid behind my ears was from my cold and nothing else. I mean, come on, I’ve never even had an ear infection or anything. The doctor wasn’t too bad, but boy I did not like it when the nurse tried to get my height and weight. I’ve never minded before but for some reason (she says it’s because of my age) I didn’t want her touching me or even coming near me this time. Mommy must not have been hearing my sobs and cries though because she didn’t rescue me, in fact she even helped hold me down. The nurse still managed to get my height and weight, 33″ and 24 lbs. 12 oz. The doctor said I’m growing well and my height and weight are evening out more (not as much of a string bean compared to my height). I hope during my next visit they stay on the other side of the room. The pictures I’ve decided on are a few catch up pictures. It’s not like I was going to let Mommy take a picture of me in the doctor’s office in only my diaper. I do have a little more discretion than that.

Until next time . . .


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