Sir Isaac Newton???

Hi everyone,

I know that Sir Isaac Newton originally discovered gravity, but Mister Isaac Betz is rediscovering gravity. I’ve included the second photo as documentation of my investigations. In laymans terms, I chuck all sorts of things over the railing, off the porch, and down the stairs, and then I go check them out and pick them up from below. Nothing is safe from my hands: snacks, diapers, grocery bags, plants . . . you name it and I’ll throw it.

This has been a very busy weekend for me. Yesterday we went and did a 2 mile run, went to a pancake breakfast, watched a parade, and went for a bike ride. Really it was just Mommy and Daddy who ran while I went along in my stroller, but I did eat pancakes and ham and watch the parade. The fire trucks started things rolling and I amused my dad by intermittently making fire truck sounds (oooo e ooooo) with exclamations of surprise (wowww). Today after church we went to a car show where I saw so many tires and wheels my little heart about burst out of my chest. Afterwards we had strawberry shortcake, I mean after all it is a berry dairy days festival.

Until next time . . .


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