Running Debut

Hi everyone,

I ran (really speed walked) my first official race! It was a 1/2 mile and Mommy did it with me. She had to hold my hand the whole time to keep me on course otherwise I tended to get distracted by all the sites to see. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day! I know I attached a lot of pictures but I just couldn’t decide which ones showed my athletic prowess better so I decided to include them all. You can see all the other kids at the start but you’ll notice no one else at the end. That’s because I did the hard job of bringing up the rear. All the other kids were bigger than me and the only other one that was younger was carried for 3/4 of the course. I did the whole thing all by myself! I hope you enjoy the pictures from the start to the post race refreshment. I think I’ll take it easy the rest of the day!

Until next time . . .


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