The Wheels on the Truck Go Round and Round

Hi everyone,

I just got back from camping for the week over in the eastern part of our lovely state. I had so much fun! We took hikes, rode our bikes all over, put our feet in the lake (BRRRRR!), ate ice cream, saw Smokey the Bear, got bit by mosquitoes, had a campfire, and went to a 4th of July celebration in a neighboring town. We rented a trailer so anytime we got swarmed by skeeters we headed inside. It was kind of nice because I could still go to bed at my normal bedtime (which some people tell me is early) and the air conditioner would drown out the other campers noise. It was a win win situation for everyone. The only bad thing about the trailer was that the screen door didn’t have a very good lock and I found out first hand that when 25 pounds is leaning against it it tends to open very easily. I also found out that the metal stairs are not very cushy when you fall on them on your face and the ground is kind of hard when you flip over onto your back off of the stairs. Mommy and Daddy (and me) were very thankful that a skinned up nose was all that came out of that experience (if you look close at my pictures you might be able to see the evidence).

Until next time . . .


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