Up, Up, and Away

Hi everyone,

I have something new to tell you . . . I got to go on my first plane ride to see Grandpa and Nana! It was so much fun! We went down to Grandma’s house on Friday night and then went to the airport really early on Saturday morning. After we checked our bag and my carseat we walked all around the airport. I pushed my umbrella stroller up and down those ramps for almost two hours. I think Mommy was trying to make me tired because by the time we got on the plane all I wanted to do was sit on her lap. We sat next to a really nice man but sometimes he blocked the window so I couldn’t see out it. Mommy packed new snacks, juice, toys, and books for me. I guess she really wanted to be prepared with entertainment. It turns out that she only had to use about 10% of it on the trip over. I was bummed though because I left one of my new hot wheel trucks on the plane, but I did very well and I was even the only kid on the plane! We stayed at Grandpa and Nana’s house for 5 days. We went to church and got to listen to Nana sing, we went on my first carousel ride, and Grandpa, Mommy, and I drove out to some farms where we had lots of nummy snacks. I really had fun and I wasn’t shy at all. I gave lots of hugs and kisses and was sad to go home. On the airplane ride home I got to sit in my very own seat by the window! We were in the very last row of the plane but no one else was in our entire row on either side of the aisle. I think I was a little more tired on this trip because Mommy says I used the other 90% of entertainment in my bag. I made it though, safe and sound. I can’t wait for my next plane ride!

Until next time . . .


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