Chicks Dig Scars

Hi everyone,

Well, as you can see I got a little bit of an owie yesterday which resulted in a visit to the emergency room for only the second time in my life. I was playing outside with Daddy and while I was walking down the driveway I did a lovely pirouette (inspired by the Olympics) and promptly did a faceplant on the driveway. There was a lot of blood, skin, and crying but I finally calmed down and was able to get a good nights sleep. The medical field game of “round the circle” began the next morning when Mommy called the pediatrician to ask if there was anything she could put on my lip to help it heal faster, they told her to take me to urgent care, urgent care asked if I had a referral, the pediatrician’s office decided instead of a referral to urgent care I should just go to the emergency room in case I needed stitches, the emergency room doctor said it was too late for stitches (but if I had come in yesterday I would have gotten a few) and told Mommy to call the pediatrician to see if there was anything she could put on my lip, and here we are back at the beginning of where it all started with Mommy calling the pediatrician’s office in the first place. It was a very long and unproductive edition of “round the circle”. It sounds like the swelling in my lip should go down within a few days, in a few weeks the wound should close up, and I may have to have the flap of skin trimmed down when it is completely healed. Meanwhile, I have been introduced to a fun game of blowing bubbles in warm salt water to try to keep infection at bay and learning how to talk and eat with an extremely fat lip.

Until next time . . .


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