Old Dog (well, not that old), New Tricks

Hi everyone,

Mommy bought me a new step stool just so I can crawl up on the counter. What, Mommy, that wasn’t why you bought it for me . . . you got it so I could reach the counter, watch you make food, and get to the sink to wash my hands. Well, that’s no fun, I like my use better. Now everyone has seen my new trick so it’s no big secret of how talented I am at climbing!

I also thought I’d include a picture of me sleeping. I know, I know. You are probably wondering how I managed to snap a picture while I was sleeping, especially in such an awkward position. It was actually Mommy who took it (I know because Daddy is gone right now) and the bright flash didn’t even wake me up.

Sweet dreams, until next time . . .


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