Hiking Adventures: Part 3

Hi everyone,

Finally! Yes, that’s how I feel about being on the last and final part of my storytelling and that is how I felt when we reached the end of our hike. As you can see, partway through the hike I became almost comatose with cold. Now don’t get me wrong, Mommy and Daddy really layered up my clothing, but they didn’t bring my winter hat and they didn’t bring me any gloves (probably because I would have taken them right off). You might have noticed in the earlier pictures that I was wearing Mommy’s knit gloves (no, I do not have a monster sized hand as you may have thought), but by this time in the hike I had sucked on it so much that it was wet and cold. Shortly after this picture we moved onto the windy downhill section and Daddy gave up his gloves for me to use, but it was still pretty cold.

As I said before, we hiked up, then down, and then we had to go back up. When we came to these nearly vertical stairs Mommy taught me a new phrase. It goes, “Oh my!” We had been on the trail for about 4 hours and 20 minutes by this point and I had done so good up until now. I sang, talked, laughed, and looked. But as we climbed to the top of the stairs and crested the next little rise I saw another rise and I just lost it. Yep, I started crying. Mommy and Daddy took me out of my backpack but my feet were sort of numb so I had a hard time walking on the rocks. Little did I know that just another 100 feet or so over the rise was the parking lot. Yabadabadoo! We were back and now I’m done with this story.

Until next time . . .


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