Mmmmm . . . Chocolate!

Hi everyone,

Shhhh, don’t tell Mommy that I’m up. I’m supposed to be in bed right now but I wanted to post an entry to tell you about my day.

It was our first day at MOPS for the year and I was in a new classroom with the older kids. They must have rubbed off on me because I said a whole bunch of new words this afternoon. When Mommy or Daddy would say something I repeated it back to them. I said words like, “car”, “bike”, “shoe”, “bag”, “concrete”, “water”, “hurt”, “help”, and a few others that I can’t remember. I know that I said some of those words before but I haven’t been saying them as clearly as I did today.

Now you might be wondering about the picture on my post. I know it doesn’t have me in it but you’ll understand more in a second. After dinner, Daddy gave me a little piece (and I mean little because I think he was hogging it all for himself) of chocolate zucchini bread. As Mommy was laying me in my crib tonight and walking out the door I heard her tell Daddy that it must have been the chocolate (I guess I was a little wired which isn’t normal . . . maybe that’s why I’m up right now). Anyway, as she was walking out I said to her over and over again, “chocolate”, “chocolate”, “chocolate”. I’m not sure I’ll be getting chocolate zucchini bread that close to bedtime again.

Okay, okay, I’ll attach a picture of me. I decided to take my little people swimming in the dog’s water dish. She couldn’t get a drink until Mommy fished them all out and then I turned around and put them back in for an afternoon swim.

Until next time . . .


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