Hi everyone,

RRRRRRRR, watch out, the scary monster is going to get you! or dinosaur? or dragon? We weren’t really sure what my costume actually was but it was sure fun wearing. We went downtown to go trick or treating and a lot of people put candy in my bag.

Next we were off to our church carnival. I think my favorite part was the giant saber-tooth tiger slide followed by the cake walk. Daddy and I went on the slide at least three or four times even though we had to wait in a long line and we had to take our shoes off to go down. It was a blast! The cake walk was the next best because I won a cake my very first time playing. I followed Grandma around the squares and when the music stopped she made sure I was on a square. It happened to be the one that was drawn! Yummy! Mommy even won at bingo while I was out waiting in line for the slide. We scored big this halloween!

Until next time . . .


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