Love is in the Air

Hi everyone,

Did you know today was Valentine’s Day? We started out the morning by watching our Saturday morning cartoons of Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train. Besides my reading videos this is the only tv I get to watch so I look forward to Saturday morning with great anticipation!

For breakfast Mommy made strawberry cream cheese french toast with strawberries and whipped cream on top, and an apple, banana, and vanilla yogurt salad that I call “ice cream” because she puts it in our parfait glasses.

After showering we headed down south to go shopping. What’s more romantic on Valentine’s Day than buying a padded toilet seat for your precious little boy because he has shown interest in going potty on the toilet? Now, I’m not promising anything. I just wanted to throw that in there because it shows the true love of my parents that they would sacrifice a romantic holiday to go potty chair shopping!

After making our purchase we headed out to a beautiful waterfall. We got to see the falls from up top and then we hiked down the trail and scaled over a fence to climb down on the rocks at the base of the waterfall. We were gently misted while eating our lunch of MRE’s, goldfish, and cranberries. We did follow it up with lunch at an ice cream shop though.
After a jam packed day and no nap Mommy and Daddy thought for sure I would conk out on the way home, but I didn’t! I stayed awake the whole trip home. I’m thinking that’s why I have a bedtime that is an hour and a half earlier than normal.

Until next time . . .


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