Vive, Las Vegas!

Hi everyone,

I got to stay with Grandma all by myself for the first time this weekend! Mommy surprised Daddy with a trip to Las Vegas for his 40th birthday and I got to stay with Grandma for four whole days. We played with cars and trucks, saw Thomas the Train, played outside, went for walks, ate chicken nuggets and pancakes, and had a lot of fun. My picture of Thomas is a little blurry because Grandma sneaked it in while the performance was going on.

Mommy and Daddy had fun too and it sounds like they had a whole lot better weather than we did. It was rainy for us for most of the weekend but they had sunshine and blue skies. You’ll have to excuse the quality of their picture too. They always try to get at least one picture of them with Daddy holding the camera at arms length. They don’t always turn out great, but it’s kind of a tradition for them. This one has the Bellagio fountains in the background.

Here’s another Bellagio fountain. Dark, milk, and white chocolate! Mmmmmm!

Last, but certainly not least, the picture of the Vegas winnings! They couldn’t even fit all of it in their suitcase. Yes, you counted right, that’s 8 big ones. They won their spoils playing the Midway at Circus Circus. Daddy is a pro at hitting the chicken in a pot and Mommy has mastered the camel and horse races. Woo hoo!

Until next time . . .


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