Back Seat Driver

Hi everyone,

I have already started giving advice on how my parents should drive, specifically Mommy. We were coming home from swimming today and I guess she was thinking about going one street farther to turn over to our street but at the last minute she changed her mind. She hit her brakes and turned on her signal and I thought that was a perfect time to say, “Whoa, pay attention, Mommy.” When she chuckled and asked what I meant I said, “Go a little slower.” Little did I know that this is only the beginning of many years of being a back seat driver since I’m told I won’t be able to legally drive until I’m at least 16. I have plenty of years to perfect my craft though since I’m only 2!

Behold, I give you momma fire truck and baby fire truck. Momma fire truck is not fully pictured, just her ladder, but she is a big lights and sirens fire truck. Baby fire truck likes to ride up and down her ladder to rescue people.

Until next time . . .


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