Tiptoeing Through the Traffic and Tulips

Hi everyone,

We continue to have beautiful weather around here so I find myself outside and out and about more than sitting by my computer writing posts. Mommy and I have planted our flowers and I heard through the grapevine that we are on our way to pick up a big wooden structure that will allow me to have fun for years to come. More about that later!

The tulips are in bloom once again and you know what that means . . . traffic! Every weekend our little roads are jam packed with people wanting to come tiptoe or frolic or leap through the tulips. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what all the hype is when you live around them all the time, but we did manage to get out on a weeknight to make our annual trip to the fields. Mom and Dad tried to take a family picture but I was the typical uncooperative two year old and if I wasn’t looking at the other people walking by then I was running away before the picture could be taken. If you didn’t get a chance to enjoy the tulips, hopefully we can pass along a little color to you.

Until next time . . .


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