Sick, Sick, Go Away, Don’t Come Again Another Day!

Hi everyone,

What a month we’ve had around our house health wise! I think Mommy has declared May to be “stay at home and get better” month. I had the start of a rash about a month ago and when Mommy took me into the doctor we found out I had Fifths Disease. Kind of a yucky name, but it’s just a viral infection that has to run it’s course. Here’s some interesting trivia, the name comes from the fact that it was the fifth disease to be discovered, how clever is that! Anyway, it took about two weeks for it to work its way out of my body and then I had some other viral stuff that did a number on my tummy.

I am now feeling better and have officially passed the torch to Mommy and Daddy. On Saturday Mommy spent 3 1/2 hours in the urgent care clinic for huge swollen glands in her neck that hurt to do anything. The culprit, strep throat. She unknowingly passed it along to Daddy because he just went to urgent care today and also got his sick slip. Now I may get my first experience with antibiotics because they both have it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The good news, Daddy had the weekend to cut down our neighbors lilac trees (with their permission of course). Now, Mommy can come out and play on my new “playground”. She pressure washed it last week before getting sick and they are planning to replace the canvas top and get me a steering wheel and stuff. I LOVE sliding down my slide and I’m even enjoying swinging! (The picture is from the yard of the people we got it from before it was hauled off and cleaned.)

Until next time (when we are hopefully all happy and healthy) . . .


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