Island Hopping on Bikes

Hi everyone,

WARNING!! WARNING!! Long post with lots of pictures!

We went bike camping this past weekend with our friends, Alex and Sheila. A fun (and tiring) time was had by all!

We thought we’d get a picture at the beginning
of our trip looking fresh and clean.

Getting ready to start out from the ferry terminal.

Relaxing at the campsite.

I got to stop at a library to read books. We’ve been to this
island many times and the library has never been open before!

Walking on the beach.

Rock hopping with Mommy.

Family picture on some rocks by the village.

Stair climbing with Daddy.

A little fuel for Dad who pulled my trailer most of the weekend.

Getting ready for dinner.

I like to sing “Bouncy, trouncy, full of fun, fun, fun”
(out of Winnie the Pooh) while jumping around the tent.

The incredible view from our campsite!

Listening to some tunes on Dad’s ipod while on a ferry ride.

We stopped and had lunch by one of the lighthouses.

I helped the captain steer the ferry boat!
(Not really, but I thought it looked like it.)

I would only walk on the hard sand that felt like a sidewalk.
No soft, squishy sand for me!

Taking a walk with mom while Dad stayed cool in the shade.

Playing games in the evening. I think I must have already been
asleep in the tent because I don’t remember this part!

Waiting for our last ferry to come pick us
up to take us back home.

Ride ’em cowboy!

Until next time . . .


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