Go, Speed Racer!

Hi everyone,

Did you know that when you complete two running races it bumps you into the “official” runner category? At least that’s what I’m calling myself these days! I ran my second annual kids race which was a long and grueling half mile. I started out strong and just as I was beginning to hit the wall a bicycle rode by on the road next to the course and that was the distraction that I needed to keep going. Well, that and Mommy telling me that there were hot dogs at the end after they did their run too.

Here is my non-chalant pose as we are getting ready to start.
Half a mile, no problem.

I’m sizing up the competition while Mommy gives me a pep talk.
(The girl next to me was the overall winner.)

A little slow to start. Where did the girl go who was next to me?

Even though I still was pretty close to bringing up the rear I think I made some improvements this year to my running form. I ran almost the whole way, needing only to stop and walk for a short while, and there were three people who finished behind me. I think that’s progress when you are still one of the youngest to compete. I have to get my kudos somewhere because all the bigger kids seem to win the trophies for the 6 and under division.

Until next time . . .


One thought on “Go, Speed Racer!

  1. Great job! It's so much fun to see what you are up to…and getting so big!! Madison and Ellie are going to be in their second race this summer, too. A kids' triathlon.

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