Happy Canada Day!

Hi everyone,

Yes, I know that we are not Canadian. Yes, I know that Canada Day was one week ago today, but I thought in honor of it being one week exactly I would share with you what we did to celebrate. It was almost like taking in the festivities of our 4th of July except it was the 1st of July and it was in Canada.
We started out by going to a pancake breakfast. Anyone that lives around us knows that we are pancake breakfast diehards, so when we read that there was to be a pancake breakfast we made sure we were ready.Of course, a shower at the YWCA was required before we could sit near anyone, you know, since we were tent camping in a park without shower facilities. Thank goodness it was right across the street so we didn’t waste much time. Mmmmm, love those pancakes, sausage, rolls, and juice!

Later that evening we enjoyed a parade down the main street of town. We risked our lives getting a good seat because we actually sat on the island in the middle of the street and they only shut down traffic going one direction. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but we did have cars driving behind us while we were waiting for the parade to start. We didn’t get to take in any of the concerts they had and forget about the fireworks. Mommy and Daddy could hear them but didn’t get to see them since it was happening at 11:00pm, waaaaaay past my bedtime.

Can you imagine golfing on a course that has this view? We took a drive out past the golf course and that was where we got to see our first wildlife, besides the elk we saw in the campground the first night we were there. Anyway, can you imagine putting out on the green when a coyote walks across the course? Or how about you get ready to tee off and you see an elk at the water hazard?

Canadian adventures continued . . . stay tuned. Until next time . . .


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