Campsite Etiquette

Hi everyone,

I know you may not be aware that there is a certain thing called “campsite etiquette” so I’ll fill you on the tricky details.

First, you can’t look too excited while roasting marshmallows over the campfire. If those gooey marshmallows were to know how much you were dying to pop them in your mouth they’d jump off your stick and into the fire in a hurry!

Second, you have to treat your dog like the chilly little fur princess that she is and wrap her up in a snugly fleece blanket. Oh, and don’t forget the bedtime story or she’ll really have something to complain about!

Third, watch intently while Dad demonstrates how to roast hot dogs over the fire in the “new” two handed method . . .
. . . then, give the roasting a try yourself while conversing with your dear old dad so he has something to distract his grumbling tummy.
Fourth, find the biggest stump you can so that you can practice your “hang gliding take off” jump. Just don’t forget to take your sucker out of your mouth first!

Finally, make sure to get plenty of exercise so those hot dogs and smores don’t go to your waistline!

More adventures from Banff when we return. Until next time . . .


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