Weekend Happenings

Hi everyone,

For the last month mommy and I have been hanging out alone on the weekends because daddy has had to work seven days straight through each week. Ugh for daddy, but at least we got to have some fun!

Last weekend we went to a car and yacht show in one of our neighboring towns. After checking out the sweet rides we headed over to a local market to have some lunch. Woo hoo to having a corn dog and french fries for lunch. Nummy, nummy! And for a special treat mommy let me pick the flavor of the ice cream cone that we got to share. Even though I’m still not doing much of any dairy, I slurped down as much of that bubble gum cone as I could get my little tongue on!

I also finished my very first summer reading program through our city library. I love reading, but to get prizes for reading books that I would have read anyway, now you’re talkin’!

Until next time . . .


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