Phone Calling Quirks

Hi everyone,

For some reason Mommy and Daddy think that I do some cute, silly things while talking on the phone. I believe the other day they were trying to document some of those things but I don’t know if I cooperated a whole lot. Usually when I’m talking about something I’ll actually go point to it or I’ll go grab it thinking that you can see what I have in my hands. There are also times that I look like a little man when I cross one foot over the other and stand against the wall. I don’t think they got any of those “usuals” but you can determine yourself the cuteness level of me talking on the phone.

As a little aside, Mommy seems to forget that when doing a video you can’t rotate the picture so be prepared to turn your head or monitor sideways a bit and then be prepared when the camera gets flipped around at about 26 seconds. This was the ending of a conversation with Grandma that had already been going a few minutes.

Until next time . . .


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