Rotting Pumpkins

Hi everyone,

We had another rotten pumpkin issue this year. Last year it was Mommy’s, this year it was mine and boy was it mine. Not only did my big pumpkin rot but my little pumpkin rotted too. It might have had something to do with the fact that I kept picking it up, playing with it, and then dropping it on the porch, but I’m going to hold out for the fact that it just wasn’t my year for a good pumpkin.

So, what’s a boy to do when both his pumpkins rot? Take the dog’s, of course. Yes, you heard right. I took the pumpkin we picked for Najia as my own. Save your tears because as I found out she could have cared less. All she wanted was to sniff around and check out the pumpkin guts as they were being taken out of the inside. It ended up being a win win situation for both of us!

Until next time . . .


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