Marathon Maniac in the Making

Hi everyone,

The annual Thanksgiving tradition of running the Fowl Fun Run has now passed to the next generation. On Saturday, November 14th I ran my longest race to date. It was two grueling miles in the blustery wind and biting cold, but I did it! My time was 40:49 (which means I have room to improve next year) but the important thing is, I DID IT!

While we were running Mommy kept praising me and telling me what a good job I was doing but there was a time when I didn’t think I could go on. Mommy told me I was awesome and I said back to her “I’m not awesome. I can’t do it.” But she kept pushing me on and distracting me by talking about the things we were seeing and we were at the finish line in no time. Of course, I had a total breakdown right before the finish line. The crowd was cheering, the announcer was saying my name on the loud speaker, two runners racing the 10K zipped by me, and it was all so overwhelming that I started crying and tried to run the other way. Thank goodness Mommy was there to hold my hand across the line and give me a shoulder to cry on at the end. Now I know what the marathon runners must feel like when they are exhausted at the end of a very long race.

I won first place in my age division and the Spring Chicken award for being the youngest participant and I also won a turkey as a random prize.

Before the race when I was still excited about running . . .

At the finish line, not so excited . . .

Back to being excited while partaking of the post race refreshments . . .

Me and my baby “turkey” and my “momma” turkey . . .

winner’s spoils!

Until next time . . .

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