Odds and Ends

Hi everyone,

I am going to be an expert lasagna maker once I can learn all the steps. Mommy will only let me help with noodles and mozzarella cheese because she says the meat sauce it too hot and the ricotta cheese is too messy. I guess I’ll have to be okay with helping out as much as I can until I get big enough to do it all by myself. Dad surprised us when he came home from work early and happened upon us getting our dinner in the oven. We like those surprises!

Grandpa took me on a tractor ride around his property. I also got to pull his big, red wagon over the bridges and through the woods!
Grandma took Mommy and me to Disney on Ice! I got to see Lightning and Mater and the gang from Radiator Springs, and Ariel from the Little Mermaid, and the animals from The Lion King, and finally Tinkerbell. I came home and watched Peter Pan for the first time with Mommy. I have a fascination with Tinkerbell but I was disappointed that the movie didn’t have much of her in it and it had a bad guy. I’m not a big fan of Captain Hook.Until next time . . .


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