O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Hi everyone,

It’s already December 18th and I’m just getting around to posting my first Christmas pictures. I don’t think I’m alone in getting behind on my to do list because Mom is just getting Christmas cards mailed out and she usually has this done by the first week in December. Here are some pictures of the Christmas tree to tide you over until I get the other pictures rolling along. And if the lights on the tree look sparse to you, it’s because Mom and Dad have had the same tree lights for 15 years and out of 4 strings only one works all the way and the other 3 have half the string working. I guess it’s time to shell out a few dollars to buy a few more strings!

Until next time . . .


One thought on “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

  1. LOL, your parents sound like my dad. At his restaurant, we put up a tree and I would say only 20% of them work but he didn't want to buy more because they were good. My mom swears we are tossing them this year and buying him more next year. At home, he has no say but at his restaurant, we try and let him feel like boss, lol!Anyways, love your two little santa's helpers.

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