Christmas Eve

Hi everyone,

Christmas Eve festivities were a blast! Grandpa and Nana came up to visit. It was great waking up from my nap to find them already here.

We watched Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas. Now I know who Grandpa sounds like when he talks like Donald Duck!

We finally took the top off the pool table. One, I can’t believe that in all my three years mom and dad have never taken the top off the pool table while I’ve been awake. Hmmm, I’m not sure in those three years they’ve taken the top off at all. Second, I kept asking if there were going to be fish under there. Tricky thing, that English language.

I guess pool is not for me because after trying my hand at it I just decided to go get my transporter truck and drive it around the edge of the table. Oh, and for those who have never been to our house let me tell you that the pool table is in our unfinished basement and it shares space with an entire classroom that is housed down there since mom has not been teaching. Okay, now that I’ve explained the clutter, do you feel better mom?
Until next time . . .


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