Christmas Morning

Hi everyone,

Christmas morning has come and gone. The sense of time is still something I am trying to wrap my brain around. Just this morning I asked mom if Christmas was over, and if her half birthday was over, and if it was Saturday, and why did we get presents, and . . . the list goes on and on of my never ending questions that stem from a healthy amount of curiosity. I guess some things you just have to wait to understand. Anyway . . .

I’m not sure if the dog is more interested in the new mini gumball machine I am unwrapping or my half eaten piece of chocolate peanut banana bread. What do you think?

Ahhhh, my initiation into Dad’s world of strange gifts with impossible wrapping. I still don’t know who drank all of my gatorade. I got one tiny sip and then I never saw it again.
How many of you were once three years old? Oh really, that many of you. Okay then, you will know exactly what I am talking about when I tell you how difficult it is not play with the toy immediately upon opening it. Why do I have to set it to the side for others to unwrap their gifts and to wait for my next turn? Well, I decided it was time to change the program so as soon as I unwrapped my new outfit from Grandma I started stripping down so they could not ignore the fact that I wanted to enjoy my gift right then. I showed them!
After a little afternoon nap it was time for a quick photo shoot. Don’t mind the cut over my left eyelid. Mom and I were playing a matador and bull and I guess the bull lost. Bulls should look where they are going and not run into the corners of antique sewing cupboards with their faces, but they tend to be a bit bull-headed so I don’t know if I’ll convince them of that any time soon.
Until next time . . .


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