Hi everyone,

My surgery yesterday went well. We got up at 5:00am to eat breakfast as a family then we went back to bed for another hour or two. Mom got a run in while Dad and I played with some toys. I had my last bit of apple juice and brushed my teeth at 9:30am and then that was it, nothing by mouth after that. My check in time was at 12:15pm but I didn’t actually get into surgery until about 1:45pm. Mom came back to the operating room with me and was there until I went unconscious. I woke up in recovery with a nurse and then got moved into another recovery room where I sat with Mom and Dad while eating a popsicle. The only thing that really made me not happy was the iv they left in my arm until right before I left. Mom and Dad said that I was a real trooper and I didn’t even need any tylenol when I came home from the hospital. In fact, you wouldn’t even know today that I had surgery yesterday. Let’s hope that’s my only experience with hospital operating rooms!

Ready to go . . .

Waiting for the medical team . . .

Mom in her “operating room get up” . . .
Afterwards, slurping down my very first popsicle!

Until next time . . .


2 thoughts on “Post-Op

  1. Let's hope this is your only experience with an operating room! The first couple of pictures you are all smiles. Little did you know what was "really" coming.

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