Room Switcharoo

Hi everyone,

I am definitely a big boy now! I mean, I go potty in the toilet, I have my very own chores to do, I help cook food, I take care of my dog, and now I sleep in my big boy bed.

About a month ago, right before bedtime, out of the blue, I said to Mom, “I think I’m ready to sleep in my big boy bed tonight.” Mom looked a little surprised, asked if I was sure, and said okay. I think she was kind of surprised because my bed had been set up in my “big boy bedroom” for about a year but I really didn’t have an interest in sleeping in it. That night I slept in my big boy bed all night for the very first time.

Glimpse of my “baby” bedroom

The next day Mom asked me if I liked the idea of sleeping in the bed or in the room. I told her the bed, and she asked if I wanted to sleep in the room I’d always slept in or the new “big boy bedroom”. I told her my old room because I wasn’t a big fan of the light. When she asked me what light I told her the kitchen light. Since I go to bed so much earlier than them when the kitchen light was on it kind of bothered me. So, that weekend became “operation switch rooms”. Mom and dad broke down my crib, moved my dresser and shelves, moved the twin bed in, and finished the trim on the walls. The other room is now my preschool/playroom.

Glimpse of my new “big boy” bedroom
Glimpses of my preschool/playroom

I really am a big boy now!

Until next time . . .


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