It’s a Family Thing

Hi everyone,

Well, I guess Mom caught the blogging bug too. I mean for almost three years she has watched how easy it is for me to post about my happenings, but I guess it took a little while for her to want to get her feet wet. But, wet they have become.

You’ll notice on the right side of my blog, right over there —————>
and down a bit, there is now a link to our other blog called ALL BETZ OFF. This one is going to be written by Mom, unless anyone wants to make a guest appearance every now and then. She told me that she wanted a place where she could document her culinary experiments, and she has decided to take part in a baking challenge each month. She really didn’t want just “anyone” coming over to my little old blog, hence she decided to make her very own. I wondered what was going to get her to venture out and try new things technologically. Of course, it’s food, and baking to be more specific! I should have known.

She is going to let me post a photo of the very first recipe she posted about, and let me tell you this thing was yummy. After every bite I would say, “Mmmmmmm,” and at one point I even paused long enough to say, “This is really yummy, Mommy.” As you know, that is high praise coming from me. Although I tell Mom often how she is a good cooker, I rarely compliment an individual item. This recipe gets high marks from me and I give her permission to make it anytime she wants to.

Until next time . . .


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