Camping at the Pad

Hi everyone,

We were planning on going on a winter camping trip but even with our trailer we decided that it was just a little too cold, windy, and wet to venture out. Instead we ended up having a campout right in our own house and backyard. We set up the tent, air mattress, and sleeping bags in the living room. Dad built a campfire using our little barbeque and we roasted brats and marshmallows over the open flame. Mom and Dad made smores but I’m still just of the mind frame that plain old roasted marshmallows are the best.

I have to admit though that after about 2 hours of climbing all over mom and dad, hitting my arm repeatedly against the side of the tent in an effort to fall asleep, and finally beginning to sing that Mom and Dad decided that I needed to sleep in my own bed in my own bedroom. I seem to have difficulty falling asleep when there are other people there to distract me. Mom and Dad slept in the tent though and then I got to play in it all the next morning. Maybe as I get a bit older I’ll be able to actually sleep the whole night in the tent.

Until next time . . .


One thought on “Camping at the Pad

  1. pics are too cute and it's too funny about how he started singing…then off to his own bed =) he did better when we were actually camping last summer, didn't he? of course, we weren't in his tent…and I can pretty much sleep through anything! I do remember him coming into our tent and saying, "You wake up happy?" He is so sweet!! This weekend was the one to go camping – still a bit cold, but sooooo beautiful!! (sheila)

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