Weekend Away

Hi everyone,

Do you think it’s coincidental that the first weekend in March, both last year and this year, is the only time that I have ever stayed overnight anywhere without Mom and Dad? I know that last year Mom secreted Dad away on a special trip for his 40th birthday and I stayed at Grandma’s, but come on, I’m going to start to take offense if this happens every year.

Before we headed down I had my appointment with the allergist. Don’t you love all the numbers on my back? Thankfully the only thing that had a reaction was the histamine which was supposed to cause a reaction. I didn’t have any allergies detected by the skin test. The doctor did say there is still potential for me to have allergies, but I am possibly too young to have it register in a skin test and he really didn’t want to do a blood test at this point. And by the way, tell my mom to let me out in the sun some, will ya.

After my appointment, Dad went off to work and Mom and I headed down to meet Grandma for lunch. I didn’t even know I was going to Grandma’s until Dad left because Mom even kept it a secret from me. I guess she didn’t want me blurting it out and ruining her surprise. While at Grandma’s we bought some new hot wheel cars to play with and then she took my cousin and me to a car museum. We saw a lot of neat vehicles, but of course I had to get pictures in front of the ambulance and fire truck.

Before we left for the car museum Grandma told me to put some cars on the table so that we wouldn’t forget to take them along. When she came out she chuckled at the fact that I had found various pockets in her purse to stash the cars instead of just setting them on the table. I didn’t want them to get left behind in our haste to leave.

After the museum, my cousin came back to Grandma’s and while Grandma made his favorite meal for dinner (I got to pick the night before), he built a garage for me out of lincoln logs so I could park my cars and trucks somewhere. What do you think about the stellar parking job? I think I may have learned from Mom’s mistake last month.

Until next time . . .


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