Cows Go Moo and then they Poo!

Hi everyone,

Even though my home preschool officially started a few months ago, this was the first week that we started doing a learning theme. Can you guess what our theme was from the title of this post? Moooooooooo. That’s right, cows.

We read books about cows, learned about calves, made playdough and cookies that were shaped like cows, and we even had grilled cheese sandwiches and string cheese to celebrate dairy cows. We also learned our shape of the week which I’m sure you can figure out was a square. Our letter of the week was A and our number was 1.

The big news is that I finally was able to get a few short videos that I can post to my blog. Yahoo! Mom was trying to capture me saying, “Hooray for dairy farming” every time I would put a cookie on the cookie sheet but wouldn’t you know that I stopped saying it as soon as she picked up the camera. Go figure.

Until next time . . .


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