Garden Gnome

Hi everyone,

Farmer’s almanac reader Isaac says, “If you haven’t started preparing your garden, now just might be the time.” A few weeks ago, we tilled up our soil and then worked the chicken manure into the ground, then we were able to get our cool season veggies and fruits planted. We started some of our plants from seed and others from transplants, and we plan to do some successive planting where we put in seeds every two to three weeks so we have a staggered crop. We are looking forward to enjoying our garden’s bounty later this spring, summer, and fall! I’ll probably be bringing you pictures of the garden as it transpires.

I enjoyed watching dad use our new rototiller. I made sure to have my stylin’ ear protection on while the engine was going. I also pretended to drive my dump truck down into Skagit Valley and I had to have mom document the journey. Getting tips on knot tying from an expert.

I worked so hard helping shovel soil from one garden to another so we could make the stepping stones even. How do you like my technique for planting carrot seeds? Here is my planting method: pour seeds into your hand, pinch seeds with fingers on opposite hand (preferably not right after you’ve been sucking on them because they will be wet and the seeds will stick to your fingers), and don’t forget to stick out your tongue while sprinkling.

Until next time . . .


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