Sloshing through the Tulips

 Hi everyone,

This year we decided to take advantage of the free locals night to head out to the tulips so that meant we were limited on the date and time we could tiptoe through them. Unfortunately, that also meant that dad couldn’t come because he had a training meeting that night.

The day started out rainy, gray, and cold but by evening most of the clouds burned off and we had beautiful sunshine. That being said, mom didn’t realize that there would be huge puddles between the rows of tulips so she decided to forego my rainboots because it is a bit of a walk out to the fields and she wanted to avoid blisters on my heels. 

You can see I still had fun though. I managed to jump over every row of water and not fall in once! I did get a little jealous when I saw the other little kids splashing around in the puddles (lakes) but I think a trolley ride helped curb my splashing envy pretty quickly.

Until next time . . .


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