I’m Still Alive and Kicking!

Hi everyone,

Wowie Zowie! It feels like it has been forever since I have had a chance to update my blog. Between heading down south on long day trips, heading over east of the mountains, Dad’s mountains of retirement paperwork to go through (not to mention finding him another job), and planning for our celebratory trip, I guess my calendar has just been really full as of late. I had planned to get on and share about our great Mother’s Day with Grandma but that got put on the back burner like everything else, so here goes. I’m only 11 days, oops, make that 12 days after the fact!

We headed down south to a great park right on the water. God blessed us with absolutely perfect weather the entire day! We brought a picnic lunch that was a little more formal than the normal picnic fare and met Grandma at the park. Good thing she managed to get a table for us because it was packed.

 While Grandma and I went and checked out the baby ducklings (how perfect for Mother’s Day) Mom and Dad set the table. When we came back we were greeted with this lovely sight.

Of course, I didn’t hardly touch a thing on my plate, there was too much going around me and I really wanted to get over to the marina to see the boats. I rode around on Dad’s shoulders for a while and got a bit of sun. We tried to get a picture of the three of us, but SOMEONE wasn’t cooperating very well (do you hear the sound of someone’s throat clearing).

After packing up our picnic we ended up sticking around and playing down by the water but that post will have to be for another day. One, it’s getting late and I have things to do before bed. Two, I already have a lot of pictures in this post. Three, you can see how well I updated my blog over the last few weeks. I need something to keep you coming back for more!

Until next time . . .


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